General Sale Conditions

The following sale conditions regulate all the commercial relations between:

Encina of Jabugo S.L., with CIF B21461207, fiscal domicile in c / San Jerónimo 22-2 of Aracena (Huelva), CP:21200, and inscribed(registered) in the Mercantile Record of Huelva, I take 891, foliate 52, sheet nº H17542. And the customer.

Before realizing a buy, the customer admits to know and accept the sale conditions giving in the button “I accept the sale conditions”, which are the following:


Encina Don Alberto only elaborates Iberian products of first quality. However, if to you or to the beneficiary of your gift aren’t satisfied with our product, we change the piece or we return you the money.

For it you will have to bear in mind the following details:

  • To preserve the original packing.
  • To notify the incidence in the maximum delay of 15 days.
  • Not to have consumed any more than 15 % of the original weight of the product.

The above mentioned changes or returns will be carried out in accordance with the procedure that is detailed in the linkage “Information about the procedure of changes and returns” of the paragraph GUARANTEES, that is in the central part of the top menu of our web page.



We note that under Article 103 of the Act comes Consumers with no right of withdrawal by the perishable nature of the products sold.
However, customers can benefit from the commercial guarantee described above.

The prices that appear in this webpage are expressed in Euros and with all the current taxes included. Therefore they are final prices and they will be only increased, in the purchase process, by the costs of transports corresponding according to the destination.



Are established the next discounts by amount:

  • Orders between 2.000 € and 6.000 € — 3 %
  • Orders between 6000 € and 12.000 € — 5 %
  • Orders of more than 12.000 € — 7 %

For the orders from the European Union by companies that are registered in the register of intra-Community operators will be deducted the current VAT.

For orders billed to Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla shall be reduced by the current VAT. This deduction will be done in automatic way in our web, at the end of the purchase process.

The duties, customs duties, costs and local taxes of countries or communities will be paid in the destination place by the client, if there were, according to the local legislation of each region.

All our products are sent through a company of transports specialized in foodstuffs. The shipment includes an insurance of the merchandise for loss or theft and guarantees the delivery in optimal conditions.

It is suggested to indicate a preferential delivery time (mornings, afternoons, commercial schedule. …). Nevertheless, this information will serve as help although it is not binding on the company of transport, the organization of the route having left conditional its fulfilment in its area. If the consignee isn’t in the place of delivery, the transporter will contact you to agree another delivery time or day.

The delivery periods may be altered in specific seasons such as Christmas or Easter because of the agencies saturation. When the merchandise leaves the factory we send an email to inform you that your order is on the road.

You may consult the transport costs rates, delivery delays and conditions of them in the section “Sending”.


To determine the order weight, in the products which weights are expressed between a minimum and a maximum, will be used the intermediate value. For example:

  • Item: Acorn-fed Iberian ham Gran Reserva Especial.
  • Weight: About 7, 5/8 kg. (Interval 0, 5 kg.)
  • Value taken for the calculation of the order weight: 7,750 kg.

Also there will be born in mind the weight of the packing that represents an increase of 10 % on the sum of the weight of all the products that compose the order.



The delivery terms that appear in the table are expressed in working days counting from the confirmation of the order collect in our banking account.

The transport agencies selected by our company enjoy recognized prestige and are specialized in the nutritional sector.



Once received in our banking account the pay in of the amount of the order, the merchandise is sent from the factory, notifying it to the client by email the departure of the same. During the transport the sending is insured.

When arriving at destiny, the transporter will realise the delivery in the indicated address. If there is nobody, they will call you by phone or they will let a note to agree the delivery.

It is very important, when receiving the package, to observe if it is delivered in perfect conditions. In other case, you should register it in the delivery note before signing it, to make possible to trait a claim if it’s necessary.



The average delivery delay in peninsula is of 24/48 workable hours, to count since it appears the pay in the order in our account.



To the residents’ orders in Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla will reduce to them the current VAT that appears included in the released prices list. This reduction will take place during the automated process of the buy. The local taxes, tariffs and custom duties, if they will be, are paid by the client in destination, to the delivery of the merchandise.


The orders of countries of the European Union may be done through our online store in automatic way. For a correct sending of them it is requested to fill up the direction of delivery in a complete way and with clarity.



To the companies proceeding from countries of the European Union that are registered in the record of operators within the EC, the current VAT will be deducted to them. These conditions are only applicable to companies with number of VAT within the EC and they will have to realize the order by E-mail or phone. If they realize it through the web page, it will recharge the VAT from him initially, although we will return him later, when we verify that it appears discharged as operator within the EC.

All the products offered by Encina Don Alberto count with an optimal packaging for their correct preserving. Besides their individual packing, and based on the destination of the sending, the products may be presented in the two following ways:



Is the packaging with all the orders are sent by default, unless the client selects another option, and it doesn’t mean an increase in the order amount. The hams and shoulders are presented with rope, label, seals and individually covered, and the inlays labelled and vacuum-packaged. The sending is realized in a serigraphy resistant cardboard case. It could contain 1 to 4 pieces as maximum, depending on the weight of them and the number of products which composed the order. This system is the most respectful with the environment because tries to optimize the volume of the sending boxes.
This option is available for the destinations: national and European Union.



This packaging consists on a special gift presentation. For that it´s used a box with an elegant design. Each ham or shoulder piece, besides its labelled, seals and textile cover, is packed in a gift box in an individual way and may be accompanied of some of our inlays which the client selects.
You may select this special packaging system during the automatized buying process only for sending to the peninsule. This option will have an extra cost of the 3% over the total cost of the order before adding the transport costs and without count for this calculation the products of the category “Gift Lots” if you have added anyone to your order, as they have this presentation. If you wish the gift packaging for a different destiny than the peninsule, you should realize the order by email or phone to estimate the cost of this option for your exact destination.
This presentation is ideal for company and Christmas gifts.


It is the fastest and more comfortable way to pay your order. Our online shop accepts the great majority of kinds of existing cards in the market.

The payment system takes place under a payment gateway in a safe server of a credit organization. The system of payments safe with identity authentication for online purchases and the security protocols SSL (Secure Socket Layer) guarantee the safe transmission of all the process.

Therefore, nobody of Encina Don Alberto employees has access to your card date. Once the products are selected, our webpage will send you to the financial organization server where you may process the payment. At that very moment, the bank carries out the notes in your account and in ours without any intervention of the factory staff.

The standard dates which will be requested in the organization server during the purchase process are:


  • Card number: full, 16 digits.
  • Expiration date: mm/yy.
  • CVV2: security code, 3 digits, which appears in the card reverse.


Optionally and with the intention of increasing the security in the purchases done through Internet, during the payment process, your bank or the issue organization of the credit card may ask you for a confirmation of identity authentication. This may present several modalities depending on the financial organization (CIP code, cell phone confirmation, electronic bank PIN, etc.).



You may do the payment through a bank transfer to our current account which date appears next. When you do the transference is advisable to indicate in the concept the name of who did the order or the number of that one. Once verified the date of the transfer with our bank the order will be sent.


During the day we check continuously the income in our account. Nevertheless, if you wish it, you can send to us the written proof of the transference by e-mail, fax or phone. As a security measure, if after five days from the accomplishment of the order, it does not appear the income in our account, we will contact you by phone to confirm that has not had any error in the transfer sending.


National Transfers:

  • Beneficiary: Delicatessen Jabugo S.L.
  • Organization: Caixabank (La Caixa)
  • Account number: 2100 2694 53 0210079272

International Transfers:

  • Beneficiary: Delicatessen Jabugo S.L.
  • IBAN: ES26 2100 2694 5302 1007 9272

You may also realise the payment when you receive the merchandise in your address by the Cash-On-Delivery method of payment. This option is available only for orders with peninsular destination, and has an increase of a 3% because of the management of the collection about the final amount of the order (products and transport costs).

Please remember that you should have the exact amount of your purchase when you receive the merchandise because the transporter may not have change.

This option is not available for shipments to European Union countries, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla.



You can use the modern and effective system of payments Paypal to pay his orders in our virtual shop of instantaneous form. If you have an account Paypal it will turn out to him very easy to realize his payments in our web.


All the reserves will be paid before the 10 previous days to the wished date of delivery. The reserve requests which amount surpasses the 6000€ will have to pay a signal of the 20% when doing them.

All the orders are supported by their corresponding invoice, where the server products are detailed. This invoice will be sent by electronic mail to the direction of email provided in the invoicing section. In this way, if the order is for a gift, the beneficiary of the same will only have a document with the list of products without prices.

The difference that may be in the weight of our products will be always in favour of the customer, because the price of the pieces has been calculated based on the smaller weight offered. For example, in a ham of 7.5 to 8 kg, in the price of the piece we are charging the 7.5 kg, but it can weigh until half kilogram more (8 kg), but never less than 7.5 kg.

All the information facilitated during the visit and iteration with our web page will be stored for the management of the orders and to improve its user’s experience. Under no concept it will be commercialized, published or will yield to third. For more information we invite you to read the paragraph Politics of privacy and the use of Cookies.

The commercial operations completed on this web page are submitted to the Spanish laws. For the resolution of incidences or controversies, the parts will surrender to the courts and courts of the domicile of the user, with resignation to any other jurisdiction. Delicatessen Jabugo SL is adhered to the arbitrary system of consumption, facilitating you this way the resolution of incidences of extrajudicial form.