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    The Parts of the Ham

    Knowing the different parts of an Iberian ham allows you to make better use of the product and better taste the different areas of the ham. Likewise, there are parts that are more suitable for direct consumption, sliced. And others that are more recommended in taquitos or cooked, such as; in croquettes, garnishes, etc.

    Caña (cane)

    It is the part next to the hoof. The more narrowness of that will denote the purity on the pig’s race and it’s a sign of quality.

    Jarrete (shank)

    Zone next to the ‘caña’, provides a very fibrous ham but easily chewy.


    It is the most juicy and infiltrated part, it contains different kinds of slices depending on the cut zone: central zone, lateral or end.


    It’s more fibrous and with a darker tonality, highly aromatic.


    Traditionally used to cut shavings or cubes, since it lodges a meat with a lot of flavor and juiciness.


    It is delimited between femur and coxal bones. It contains a lower amount of ham, that’s the reason of why is recommended to begin by this zone when the consumption is not going to be prolonged.


    Whole Hams

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