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    we offer you the best guarantees

    Guaranteed Ham


    Guarantee of Change or Return


    Encina Don Alberto only prepares Iberian of the first quality. Nevertheless, if you or the beneficiary of your gift does not satisfy our product, we change you the piece t or return you the money.

    For it you will have to bear in mind the following details:

    • Not to have consumed any more than 15 % of the original weight of the product.
    • To notify the incidence in the maximum space of 15 days.
    Does he want to request a change, return, or notify an incidence?

    Click here for more Information about the procedure of changes and returns.


    Guarantee of Joining to the Consumption Abitrary System

    Our company is recognized by the National Institute of Consumption as company joined to the consumption arbitrary system and develops its activity protected in the transparency, security and good practices for a total client satisfaction. That distinctive sign assures an additional guarantee in our products and services and protects the consumer rights faced to any incidence in the commercial relations.

    The parties submit, at its option, to resolve conflicts and renouncing any other jurisdiction, the courts of your domicile.



    Encina Don Alberto ensures the quality of all the handrafted process with the best infrastructures and with the most rigorously on each one of its phases:

    Selection of the Jabugo’s native race; the Iberian

    Only the suckling pigs of race Iberian are apt for the acorn-fed under the brand Encina Don Alberto.

    Selection of the pastures

    The factory staff chooses the pastures with better acorns harvests for the ‘montanera’. During the fattening is done a monitoring of the correct process of the pig’s feeding with acorns and in freedom, which is corroborated by the corresponding certifiers organisms.

    Traditional Elaboration

    All our pieces are elaborated following the traditional way of Jabugo, as is explained in the “Elaboration” section and are cured in our dryers the necessary time according to their weight. Only when they reach their optimal point of curation are brought out to the market. Previously the last quality control takes place: “La cala”.

    La Cala

    La Cala is a traditional method that we keep on practicing in Encina Don Alberto to detect possible defects of ham. It consists of penetrating the piece in different parts with a bone from a cow or horse tibia so that is impregnated of the delicate aromas of the meat. If ham is perfect, from both bones should be exhaled identical perfume.


    Ensured Sending Guarantee

    All our products are sent through a transport company specialized in foodstuffs. The sending includes an insurance of the merchandise that guarantee the optimal conditions delivery.

    The postage and handling will be increased in the purchase automated process.

    For more information about postage and handling and downtimes, you may consult the section “Sendings”.




    All the orders are expressed by his corresponding invoice, which will be able to discharge of the client’s area. If it you want to get it for another way, we suggest him to indicate it to us in the observations on having proceeded with the order.


    The accepted ways of payment are bank transfer, Cash-On-Delivery (this option is available only for orders with peninsular destination), Paypal and card payment. In this last option, the electronic payment will be done through “La Caixa” virtual Point of Sale Terminal with all the security of the organization.



    According to the established in the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13th, of Personal Carácter Data Protection (from now LPD), Encina Don Alberto informs you that, when you fill out your order, your personal data will be treated in the files of our company in order to be able to render our services, process your orders and send you information and advertisings about the special offers, promotions and advices of Encina Don Alberto, always if this is your wish. Likewise, according to the LPD, the client has the rights of access, correction, cancel and opposition of his personal data. These rights could be exercised sending us an email to [email protected] or at the postal address of our company, responsible for the files:

    Delicatessen Jabugo S.L.
    San Jerónimo 22-2
    21200 Aracena (Huelva)

    Environmental Guarantee

    Encina Don Alberto is a brand involved with the environment. In fact our elaboration system of Iberian ham from the countryside, taking advantage and collaborating with the support of the singular ecosystem of the pastures and the Iberian pig, even in our administrative procedures where the use of the telematic tools allow us to make to most of the resources, we respect the environment to the maximum.