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    Frequent Questions

    National Taxes, Canary Islands and Europe

    Have the prices published on the web page, VAT included?

    Yes, all the prices are expressed with VAT included.

    To the orders of the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla is the VAT deducted to them?

    Yes. To the residents’ orders in the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla will deduct the VAT of its buy to them. The web page is programmed to reduce the amount corresponding to the VAT, at the end of the buy process, after the client includes its information of invoicing and its NIF.

    Is it necessary to pay any expense, tax or tariff on having received the orders of Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla?

    The sending to Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are realized deducting the tax peninsular (VAT). And if in destination, the order is recorded by some expense, tariff or customs valuation, the payment of the same one will correspond to the receiver, if it was.

    For our experience, most of the sends come to the receiver without need to pay nothing to its reception.

    To the companies of the CE is the VAT deducted?

    To the companies of the countries of the CE that have active C.I.F. within the EC there will be deducted the VAT of the amount of its orders. For that there are two options:

    1. You do the orders through the web page, which will charge the VAT, and in the remarks of the order indicate your number of VAT within the EC, for later do to him the return of the amount corresponding to the VAT.
    2. You do the order for mail and we will send you a pro forma invoice without VAT.

    Iberian purity audited and accredited by ENAC.

    Online Security

    Maximum transparency and security when buying.


    24 / 48h in the Peninsula and 2/5 days in EU countries.


    Product change within 15 days.

    Gifts and Packaging

    Does the invoice or some information include the order with the prices?

    No, certainly not. The order always travels without any prices information. The invoice will be able to unload by the person who realized the order in its client’s area or one will send him by e-mail.

    Is it possible to choose a direction of delivery different from that of the holder of the order?

    Yes. In the order form you will have to include a direction of your invoicing and also you will be able to select a direction of different delivery, which can correspond to another person. For example, the beneficiary of your gift.

    Is it possible to include in the order congratulation for the receptor?

    Yes, in the order form there is a space where you will be able to write a text of congratulation or message for the receiver that we will include in the order.

    Can they send an order with a special gift presentation?

    Yes, we have a special case for gift. This option has an increase of the price of the order of 3 %, on the whole of the amount of the order (excluding the quantity corresponding to the products of the paragraph “Baskets and lots”, because these rely on already for defect with this presentation). This option will be able to select at the end of the buy process, on having completed the order form.

    Do the hams or pallets come in individual boxes?

    For defect, when more than one piece is requested, we use an option of optimized standard packing that does not contemplate the send in individualized boxes. For example, if you ask for two hams, these would come in only one box.

    We have an option of packing of individualized gift, which has an increase of 3 % on the final price of the order, and which you will be able to select at the end of the order process. With this form, every pallet or ham is sending in a case of individual gift.

    What difference is there between the optimized standard packing and the packing of gift?

    In the optimized standard packing, the order sends to itself in cartons from one to four units, according to the products that form the expedition. And they are not packed of individual form, unless the order consists of only one piece.

    In the packing of gift, every ham or pallet there is sent in a box case of gift of individual form. This option has a supplement of 3 % on the final amount of the order and can select it at the end of the buy process, in the order form.

    National, Internationals Sendings, Reservations

    Do they dispatch orders to all the countries?

    We dispatch orders to all the countries of the CE. They can consult the list of all the destinations, the delivery times and the expenses of transport in the paragraph “Send” of our web page.

    What is the delivery time of my order?

    The delivery times will depend on the destination of delivery of its order. In general figures the most habitual transits are:

    • Peninsular Spain: 24/48 skillful hours.
    • European Union: 2/5 working days.

    All the period count from the payment assertion. Nevertheless we invite you to visit the paragraph “Send “where you will find detailed information of every destination.

    Can I indicate a concrete hour for the delivery of my order?

    It can include, in the remarks of the order, a time zone of the day for the delivery, which we will facilitate to the haulage company. Nevertheless, this indication is not binding on the transporter, who will try to organize his route to attend the request, although it will not be forced to it. In any case, if, on having happened for the delivery address, you are absent, they will leave you a step notice or they will contact with you to re-try and to coordinate a following delivery.

    What happens if I am absent at the moment of the delivery?

    They will leave a step notice and will try it again to the following day or will contact with you previously to coordinate the delivery.

    Is the sending insured?

    All our sendings are insured against theft, loss or any damage they may suffer during the transport.
    When receiving the order, it’s advisable to check that the package is in good conditions. In other case it´s indispensable to point it in the delivery note before signing it.

    Can I do a buy and indicate a simple-minded date of delivery?

    Yes, there is a space at the end of the process of buy, where you will be able to indicate the wished date of delivery. Bear in mind that it’s will have to correspond with working days.

    Can I do a product reservation?

    To do a reservation you will have to realize an order and select a simple-minded delivery date, indicating the day that you wish for the delivery. If you prefer not to do the payment at the moment of studying the order, you can choose the methods of payment of “bank transfer or against refund”. If the final amount of the reservation is superior to 6000 euros there him will be requested a sign of 20 % of the order.

    Guarantee and Returns

    Do they have guaranteed the products?

    Yes, all the products have guarantee of change or return of the amount, to client’s election.

    Is it possible to return a ham when its consumption has already begun?

    If the ham does not satisfy yours expectations we change it for another or return him the amount.

    For that, you will have to bear in mind the details described in the paragraph “Guarantees” and continue the procedure that in it´s indicated. The most important aspects are:

    • Term of 15 days to notify the incidence.
    • Preserve the original packing.
    • Not to have consumed any more than 15 % of the original weight of the product.

    To notify and to improve the management of the change or return, it is important to proceed with it through the form that is available at the end in the paragraph “guarantees”

    What is it the term of return?

    15 days from the reception of the order.

    If I don´t like, do they return me the money?

    If you have consumed partially the ham and want to return it we will pay the proportional amount to the weight of the ham that we receive.

    Namely if you buy an 8 kilos ham, and on having received the returned piece, it weighs 7 kilos we will pay the amount corresponding to 7 kilos of ham. Also you will have to bear in mind the details (term, packing, etc.) that are indicated in the paragraph “Guarantees“, and to continue the described procedure.

    If you haven´t not begun to consume the product/s we will pay the corresponding amount to / the article/s that you returns us.

    Forms of Payment

    What forms of payment can I select to pay my order?

    We have 4 methods of payment:


    With a safety system implemented by Verified by VISA and MasterCard Secure Code.


    In any of its forms, with charge to a card of credit, debit, your bank account or your account balance of Paypal.

    By Against Refund

    You´ll pay a subscription of the total to the messenger when you receive the product. This option has an increase of 3 % on the final amount of the order. And only it is available for the deliveries in peninsular Spain.

    Bank transfer

    If you select this form of payment it is recommended to indicate in the concept the order nº. If you want to send us the written proof you can do it by e-mail to the direction [email protected]. As soon as the payment was registered we will proceed to the send of the order. The bank details for the income or transferences are the following ones:

    Nationals transfer
    • Beneficiary: Delicatessen Jabugo S.L.
    • Entity: The Caixa (Caixabank)
    • Account Nº: 2100 2694 53 0210079272
    Internationals transfer
    • Beneficiary: Delicatessen Jabugo S.L.
    • IBAN: ES26 2100 2694 5302 1007 9272
    Is sure the credit card payment?

    When the credit card payment is selected, our web sends you to the secure server of La Caixa. This bank at same time, can forward you to the server of the issuing bank of the credit card, where they will ask you for the necessary data to process your buying. Nobody in the staff of Encina Don Alberto will have access to the information of your card, because since you choose this payment method, you leave our web to enter in the secure servers of the corresponding financial entities, depending on the credit card used.

    Which data are requested for the credit card payment?

    This depends on the issuing bank of your credit card, so, of your bank. The data requested usually are:

    • Card Number: full, 16 digits.
    • Expiration date: mm/yy.
    • CVV2: security code, with 3 digits, which appears in the card reverse.

    For a total security in the transactions, the financial entity has implemented the payment system with the credit card holder authentication. So, based on the issuer organization of the card, the process and steps to follow to process the payment, will vary. In some cases it will appear you the page of the issuer organization of the card and they will ask you for the data associated to it, to verify the identity of the holder. Other organizations may ask you for the activation of your card in process of secure electronic commerce. In any case you these variants always will depend on the issuing bank of the card.

    Is it possible to pay the order on having received it in my domicile?

    Yes, in this case you will have to select the method of payment of against refund. This option only is available for deliveries in peninsular Spain.

    Is there any advantage or discount for wholesale buys?

    We have a discount line for volume that is the following one:

    • Orders of 2.000 € to 6.000 €—3 %
    • Orders of 6.000 € to 12.000 €—5 %
    • Orders from 12.000 €—7 %

    The web page is automated to realize the discounts according to the amount at the end of the buy process.

    About Hams and Pallets

    What are the white dots that sometimes are seeing in the ham?

    They are crystallizations of thyroxine of calcareous aspect. Their presence is synonymous of quality and it is favored in hams of long curation coming from pigs that have developed a greater athletic capacity during their feeding in the pastures.

    How long must have the hams of curation?

    The optimal curation period of hams and shoulders depends on many factors. It will be determined essentially by the weight of the piece, the feeding of the pig from which comes; acorn-fed hams need more time than the fodder-fed ones. And also the location and orientation of the dryer, and especially the climatology of the zone.

    All these factors take part in the curation. Therefore the optimal time of curation will be always determined by the experience of the masters of ham, who knowing all the previous factors and after doing ‘la cala’ will settle down the suitable moment for the consumption.

    How should I maintain the ham?

    When receiving the product you should take it off the packing and maintain it in a fresh and dry place. Its consumption should be in thin slices and at room temperature. You may increase your information about the consumption and maintaining in our section “Consumption”.

    How may I become a member of the Encina’s Club?

    All the visitors who register as users/customers automatically pass to be part of the Encina’s Club. During the registry process you will decide if you wish that, through email, we maintain you informed about supplies, gifts and activities organized by the Club.