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DESCRIPTION Hams and shoulders come from Iberian pure pigs race or coming from crossings between the Iberian race with " Duroc-Jersey", with a 75% and 25% respectively. Pigs, depending on their feeding, are classified in: Cerdo de bellota o terminado en montanera: that

DESCRIPTION The kind of cattle apt for the production of hams, will the one which comes from crossings between: Mother's line: Landrace (standard kind) Landrace White, or cross of both.Father's line: Landrace (Standard kind) or Duroc. Only the pigs born and fattened in

DESCRIPTION The cattle apt for the ham and shoulders elaboration protected by this guarantee, will be of the Iberian pig race or crosses of 75% of Iberian blood and 25% of the Durocjersey race. Considering the basic factors which condition the