Iberian Ham, Sin categoría


After the sacrifice and the quartering, ham are handcraft treated one by one. It is the phase of outlined and bleeding. With it the spare fat of the surface and the residual blood is removed and is realised the characteristic ‘serrano’ cut in “V”.

In this work became important the hands and the skill of our cutter, worker who, as if he was a sculptor, outlines and trims the piece that in the future will become a gastronomical work of art, giving optimal form him and eliminating the unnecessary fat for a correct and uniform salting.

Hams are ready to begin the long process of curation with this first stage of salting, first step for the pieces dehydration.

Once covered with marine salt, they are kept in cold stores with a high humidity percentage. 24 hours later, the pieces are piled up and covered completely with salt. Thus they will remain one day per kilogram of weight of the piece in fresh.

This process will take place in cold stores or cellars that maintain a constant temperature between 1 to 3 degrees and a humidity of the 85/90 percent and in half of the process, the pieces are turned to assure a uniform absorption.

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