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    All the products offered by Encina de Jabugo are packaged in optimum conditions for their correct preservation. In addition to their individual packaging, and depending on the destination of the shipment, the products may be presented in the following two ways:

    Optimized packaging

    This is the default packaging with which all orders are sent, unless the customer selects another option, and it does not increase the cost of the order. The hams and shoulders are presented with string, label, seals and individual textile cover, and the sausages are labelled and packed in a vacuum bag. They are shipped in a sturdy cardboard box screen-printed with a maximum of 1 to 4 pieces, depending on their weight and the number of products included in the order. This system is the most environmentally friendly as it aims to optimise the volume of the shipping boxes.
    This option is available for all destinations; national and European Union.


    Gift packaging (+3%)

    This packaging consists of a special gift presentation. A gift box with an elegant design will be used for this purpose. Each piece of ham or shoulder, in addition to its labelling, seals and textile cover, will be individually packaged in a gift box and may be accompanied by one of our cold meats selected by the customer.
    This special packaging system can be selected during the automated purchase process for shipments to the peninsula, and will have an additional cost of 3% calculated on the total amount of the order before transport costs and without counting for the calculation the products of the category “Gift packs” if you have added any to your order, as these already have this presentation. If you want this presentation for a destination other than the peninsula, you must place the order by email or telephone to estimate the cost of this option for your specific destination.

    This presentation is ideal for corporate gifts and Christmas presents.